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Colorful Chiffon Interlining

It is a delicate interlining type with thin and light structures due to its weaving feature on fine denier yarns. It is usually produced from synthetic materials such as polyester, silk or nylon.

Chiffon interlining can be used in many different types of clothing due to its lightness and transparency.

  • What is interlining?

    Interlining is an intermediate layer that is attached to the fabric in different ways in order to achieve the expected appearance, quality and effect in the garment. By adding volume and resistance to the processed fabric and contributing to the form to be given to the garment; they play a supporting role in processes such as sewing, washing and ironing. Their task is to support the form and strength of the garment, to reduce the tendency to wrinkle and to give a certain hardness and form.

  • Intended Uses

    In addition to the use of interlining in many places and areas, the main purposes of use, especially in the ready-made clothing sector, can be listed as follows.

    Preserving the shape of the fabric by preventing stretching and wrinkling in the applied area,
    To provide support to collars, lapels, cuffs, plackets, pockets and pocket covers, to give a full touch (touch), to prevent curling,

  • Interlining Problems

    If the appropriate interlining is not selected, the adhesion conditions are not taken care of, the bonding tools are not maintained regularly, the washing instructions are not observed, and at various stages including manufacturing, problems such as the following are encountered.

    During production: Weaving, even spreading, coating etc.

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