Interlining problems

When the appropriate interlining is not selected, when attention is not paid to adhesion conditions, when adhesive tools are not regularly taken care of, when washing instructions are not taken into consideration and in various steps including production, following problems may occur:

During production:  weaving, equal spreading, coating, watering

During storage : yellowing, vaporizing 

Laying : Gliding, bending from sides, contraction

Cutting: Batching, changes in dimensions, getting dirty

Sticking:  Incorrect surface, incorrect direction, insufficient heat, insufficient pressure, insufficient time, incorrect adhesive tool, incorrect method, tools that are not maintained well, leaking, yellowing, smell

Sewing: The sewing needle getting dirty, insufficient resistance, not advancing on the sewing table, buttonhole problems.

On last ironing:  Malformation due to lack of resistance towards steam.

On the clothing and look: Extreme toughness, insufficient volume, abundancy, slouching, pilling

During washing: Surging, shrinkage, looseness, break-up, crocking, abundancy, contraction

During dry-cleaning: Separating from the fabric, surging

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