The products we sell

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Marka Tela

In textile industry, interlining sales is the core business of our company which is used between two layers of fabric in garments. In Marka Tela, we are manufactured products under our brand in the leading factories of Far East in the industry. Our company provides pre-sale and post-sale technical support in the field of interlining to global companies that produce ready-made garment and textile products. Moreover, having wide acquaintance about the Turkish market, as well as our dominance in this field allows us to easily figure out the requests and demands of our customers and to have a sufficient stocks and product rage through these requests. With this advantage in hand, our company provides high-quality products and services to its customers. In Marka Tela, we consider that keeping a sufficient stock of constantly requested products and providing to our customers’ requests and demands on a timely manner as our most important responsibility.

What is interlining?

Interlining is an interlayer that is fixed on the fabric by different manners in order to obtained the desired look, quality and effect on garments.

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